Conference Day                                                                                                                                       Jun. 23rd

7:20AM  ~  8:30AM Sign-up and breakfast
8:30AM  ~  8:40AM   Opening (Dr. Huazhong Yang from Tsinghua and Dr. xxx from BUAA)
8:40AM  ~  9:30AM Keynote (Dr. Mark Tehranipoor),
Session Chair: TBD  Title: TBD
9:30AM  ~10:00AM    Visionary Talk (TBD, NSFC or BUAA or Tsinghua)
Title: TBD, Hardware Security Research in China 


10:30AM~12:00AM Session I  (Session Chair: TBD)
10:30AM~11:00AM  Talk One: Dr. Yier Jin (UCF),
Title: TBD
11:00AM~11:30AM Talk Two: Dr. Gang Qu (UMD),
Title: TBD
11:30AM~12:00PM Talk Three: Xiaoxiao Wang (BUAA),
Title: TBD
12:00PM ~ 1:30PM LUNCH
1:30PM   ~ 3:00PM  Session II  (Session Chair: TBD)
1:30PM  ~  2:00PM   Talk Four: Yongpan Liu,
Title: TBD
2:00PM  ~  2:30PM   Talk Five: Someone from CAS-ICT,
Title: TBD
2:30PM  ~  3:00PM   Talk Six: TBD 
3:00PM  ~  3:30PM BREAK 
3:30PM  ~  4:15PM
Moderator: TBD
Panelists: xx, xx, xx, xx, xx
4:15PM  ~  4:30PM    Concluding Remarks